Monday Scramble: Barefoot Training, Nutrition Lunacy & a P360 All-American

Happy Monday, friends.  Hope that everyone had themselves a nice weekend and somehow got through the first weekend without meaningful football since August.

We’ve got a few links for you guys today covering some random topics.  On the menu is barefoot training, Paula Deen’s hypocrisy, a diet of just Chicken McNuggets for 15 years and a P360 athlete making All-American.

Barefoot Training

Talk to any serious weight lifter or runner and they will talk about their footwear like it’s an extension of their family.  I’ve never been a huge shoe guy as it pertains to training but you have different crowds swear up and down by different styles, barefoot vs. heel lift, Frees vs. Minimus and the whole nine yards.

Here’s a pretty good article breaking down the basics of barefoot training, who it’s right for and different options.

For me personally, I like shoes that have toe support since I do a lot of heavy lunging so Vibram’s never appealed to me.  I prefer to train in low top Chuck Taylor’s or completely barefoot when I am trying to regain some degree of proprioception.

I own Nike Frees, Chuck Taylors and Asics Blur and love all three.  Would be interested to see how people who exclusively train barefoot feel about it.

Very underrated training shoes.
The Paula Deen Debate

If you happen to have missed it, Paula Deen has recently broken her silence about her diabetes diagnosis and just about every single person in the health industry is absolutely crushing her.  You cannot flaunt the fact you have no shame in encouraging people to make food that is completely terrible for them, and then turn around and deny the health consequences when it’s hitting you square in the face.  She seems like a genuinely nice lady but this is inexcusable.

Dean Somerset tears her a new one (via Eric Cressey) and I must say, I agree with him.

The Chicken McNugget Diet

Here is an absolutely crazy story out of the UK about a girl who has consumed almost nothing but McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets for 15 straight years and shocker, she is ill.  I understand the we do a very poor job as a nation of teaching proper diet to our public, but I am still shocked that people seem to have no idea foods like this are damaging.

This poor girl is 17 going on 75 and everything I have read does not seem to clearly indicate she has learned her lesson.

P360 All-American

Saturday morning was a really special day at the gym for me, personally.  I’ve been training Christian Guinchard for about a year and a half now and not only is he an exceptional athlete (I don’t use that term lightly), but he is a very, very good kid clearly deserving of some recognition.  He is a high school junior lacrosse player at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla who is already committed to Dartmouth for 2013.

He can now add All-American to his list of achievments as he was recently named to Under Armour’s National All-American team.  One of 23 players across the nation truly placing him among the elite high school lacrosse players.

A big congratulations to him, with an assist from his pal, box jumps.

I expect to follow a great season from Bishop’s this year as Christian and fellow P360 athlete and NCAA commit (Fairfield Univ.) Trent Lauer police the defense.


  1. Congratulations to Christian. That’s a nice accomplishment, especially for a SoCal lax player given the East Coast bias.

    Saw the McNuggets story……..sick stuff.

    Paula Deen, “the truth shall set you free”.

    Keep up the great blogs. Very useful information.

    1. The ironic thing is they made those in response to all the bad pub the McNuggets were getting these days.

      Sweet move.

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