2 Strength Accessory Exercises

Today I am going to toss you guys two exercises to start doing that help in a variety of ways, mostly geared towards strength.  I like both of them because they are without heavy load and any time you can work on strength without the need for 300 pounds, it is a good thing.  While the most effective strength work will always be produced by heavy resistance it can also come in the form of light weight by putting your body in a disadvantageous position, or by jumping at maximal output against resistance.

Band-Resisted Broad Jumps

This is a great alternative and/or compliment to box jumps and regular broad jumps.  It comes with all the benefits of box jumps and the resistance of the band creates more of a demand.  This is a great athletic exercise for strength and power since it works the same metabolic pathways and muscle fibers as heavy lifting. We incorporate this with our pro and college athletes on the regular.


  1. Increases vertical leap and maximal box jump.
  2. Improves power which directly translates to 1R – 3R Max squats and deadlifts.
  3. Improves athleticism and burst power.
Prisoner Sit-Ups

If you do not have a barbell you can do these with a set of dumbbells overhead, as well.  For beginners, you will want to simply just hold your hands overhead but for you advanced/intermediate crowd feel free to take a 35-55# barbell.

Some coaching cues.

  1. Like a Turkish Get-Up, always make sure your wrist is above your shoulder.
  2. When you sit up, do not let the bar drift out in front of you.  You want it to go directly overhead.
  3. Try your best to keep your feet grounded.
  4. Do not “crash” during the descent back to the floor.  You want to slowly lower yourself in complete control.


  1. Great for core-specific strength that has direct carryover to deadlift, squat and Turkish get-up.
  2. Works abs substantially more than a regular sit-up.
  3. Works on shoulder mobility.


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