Random Thoughts

Back when I ran this website a few years ago, I did this thing called ‘Random Thoughts’ that shared um, random thoughts (weird).  Seemed to be well received so figured I would bring it back every now and then.

As always, some are fitness related, some are nutrition related, some are just a way for me to get things off my weird brain but all of them are light-hearted so if you are a sensitive sally then just take it easy.

Anyways, let’s get to making you dumber..

If I see one more Capital One commercial with Jimmy Fallon in it I am going to lose my mind…“But it’s more MONey!”  We get it.  You have a rewards system in place.

I don’t always watch TV, but when I do, I prefer it to be based on storage and gold.

A 20/20 row workout with 20 seconds of maximum, balls to the wall sprinting followed by just 20 seconds of rest is one of the hardest workouts you can do in my opinion.  Try it for 10 sets and try not to feel like you just drank a bottle of rancid Scotch.

If you place something that is peanut butter and chocolate flavored in front me, a shoe, ice cream, whatever.  It’s getting eaten in under 90 seconds.

“EduCATION, CoNNECtion!”

If I could abolish one exercises that too many do it would be the snatch.  Far too technical to ever do in a group setting in my opinion.  Great exercise if done properly but a riskier exercise I do not believe there to be.  The degree of rotation on your shoulders can go from perfect rep to torn labrum in an instant.  Kudos if you can do or teach it right, but you are among the few.

Just like it is California state law for a group of four or more girls gathering on the beach to take a mid-jump picture, so too is it a fit girl to have at least one picture in one-hand handstand push up pose.

I don’t think I can ever post too much that there are plenty of studies that show eggs to be good for fat loss, and not bad for cholesterol.

It’s not just you, everyone has a fear of box jumps when you get to a certain height.  You are amongst friends.

Where do the following things come from:  wind, glass, 300 foot cranes, Sacha Baron Cohen, rivers, flies and lakes.

I would be willing for some of my taxpayer dollars to go towards sending all of the PB bums to cotillion or manners school, or whatever.  They’re so rude.

Am I the only one that’s convinced a shark is lurking near by every time you’re in the water.  Including pools?

Jeremy Lin is just another example of why I have no faith in the professional sports scouting.  How does the California State Player of the Year not get a D-I ride?  This is almost as bad as my partner Pritz not getting drafted after setting multiple school records at our nationally ranked program, and earning All-American one year.   I guess you can’t be Asian to shoot threes or have to be six feet tall to catch a baseball in the outfield?

There is nothing sexier than a girl who can lift heavy weights and still be feminine…NOTHING.  And if there are guys who disagree they deserve to have their lunch money taken and probably aren’t worthy of your presence, ladies.

Olives, terrorists and cockroaches.  Truly the only three things in this world I hate to my core.  How people drink dirty martinis is beyond me.  I would rather have an Anthrax n’ Soda.

Since opening Performance360, I’ve learned a lot about people.  Particularly, there are folks out there that just plain don’t want to see you succeed for no real reason.  I read about this on Eric Cressey’s blog a while ago in his, “Is Tommy the Tool Disabling Your Fitness Goals?” and it didn’t really resonate until recently.  If someone is anything other than thrilled for an accomplishment of yours that you’ve worked hard for,  get them out of your life.  At the end of the day…

I thoroughly enjoy saying the words effervescent, conjugate, aforementioned, axial, concubine, rudimentary and philanthropy.  I wish they had more use in daily vernacular.  Ooh, there’s another one….verNACular.

I think that when people examine our society 500 years from now it’s going to blow their mind we bottled, charged and sold the most abundantly free resource on Earth…and put kids on speed for attention deficit disorder.

Channing Tatum still owes me eight bucks for seeing G.I. Joe.

I really respect marathon runners a lot.  But I know it’s something I will never do in my life and be okay with.

Words I really dislike saying include moist, jugular, slash, panties (least favorite word of all time), dandruff and pulse.

My mind is blown we still don’t have a dryer that will fold your laundry.  God I hate folding laundry.

There is no fitness goal to which squats, deadlifts, presses and cleans cannot help when applied schematically to reps and load.  None.  If you don’t do them, get over the stereotype that you think they are just for powerlifters…is ‘cardio’ just for runner’s?

(Don’t answer that.)

I think the most ignored and underrated metabolic pathway to train is ATP-PCr.  This is where our power comes from and in my opinion, the ability to apply power and force at a maximal level will ultimately drive the rest of your results.  Jump, sprint, heave things and lift more heavy weights.  You don’t have to lift heavy stuff all the time, but to not challenge yourself at a maximal level every now and again is a mistake for your goal.  Whatever that goal is.  Show me people who train power and strength in a circuit format and I will show you a person in incredible shape.

If “I am the bullet in the chamber” is not the most bad ass slogan for a sprinter ever, then show me what is.  More kids should know who Oscar Pistorius is and not where Tom Brady ate dinner on Thursday night.

APPARENTLY…there is a debris pool the size of fucking California headed for the California coast in wake of the tsunami that devastated Japan, complete with dead bodies, building wreckage, radiation and more.  How is this not bigger news?!  Do I need to start practicing my best Kevin Costner?!

Consider me a “buyer” in the belief that managing omega-6s to omega-3s is one of the most important things we can do for our health.  That’s why you can find me in the bathroom stall bumping fish oil five times per day.

2x body weight is where I believe you can start taking strength training to the next level.  Until you can either squat or deadlift twice your bodyweight, you should be sticking to the basics and practicing technique, sets of five and three and focusing on major lifts.  Don’t sweat the complimentary stuff too much from the get-go otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy.

I watched Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls the other day and laughed quite a bit.  What of it?  If this doesn’t make you laugh then I am afraid we might not be compatible as friends.

The best nutrition research is conducted by you.  At the end of the day, don’t do something because a book says so, do it because it works for you.  Don’t listen to dogma as it pertains to diet, lifestyle or training.

Life is too short to not enjoy the little things.  For me, that includes things like Coco Puffs on a Thursday night should I not feel like making grass-fed cage-free protein with organically organic vegetables.  Yeah, I stick to the healthy stuff 90% of the time but I’d also not have an issue eating a piece of pizza in Tony Horton’s face.  If you can maintain perfect eating 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year then good on ya but that ain’t me.

If you made it this far, then thank you and congratulations.  If you didn’t delete my website from your browser history then even better!  Taking 30 of our gym members to Big Bear for the weekend so most likely back on DTP.com on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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