Monday Scramble: Sleep, Pull-Ups and the Personal Trainer Test

Good morning, friends.  I hope that you guys all had a typically awesome weekend and enjoyed yourself in some fashion.  I returned from a New York City reunion with my best friends and their ladies and let’s just say that I have certainly felt better than I do right now.

Things that stand out from the trip.

  • Meatball Sandwich from The Meatball Shop.  Hands down the best sandwich I have ever had.
  • Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich from Murray’s Cheese.  Hands down the second best sandwich I have ever had.
  • My friend delivering his Man of the Year speech (that’s right, we hand that out yearly) in a nice restaurant with his pants around his ankles.

And we’ll just leave it at that but suffice it to say I couldn’t have had a better time, which means I am seriously looking forward to punishing myself in the gym this week.

First up, a salad.  Next up, a circuit and all day today it’s nalgene bottle and fish oil like they’re Vicodin to Jack Hoffman (anyone?).

Here we go.

Chin-Up Progression for Women: Tony Gentilcore (HERE)

This is an awesome piece that hammers home a lot of thoughts we have and reasons for our coaching and progression for pull-ups at Performance360.  When I first started training and coaching I was shocked at the number of women who listed “performing one pull-up” as one of their main goals, and I loved it.

It’s why we do more ring work than Frodo and always encouraging going as flat to the ground as possible on the rows, etc.

We’ve seen over a dozen women perform pull-ups who previously were about as close to performing one as they were picking up a Volkswagen.  It’s 50% mental and 50% pushing yourself past your comfort zone.

Jacquelyn actually jumped the gun on me and I missed her first few reps. She did five total here.

You will never be able to do one if all you do is sit on the cozy bands or cozy assistance all day long.

The Case for Brightly Colored Vegetables: Mark Sisson (HERE)

Leafy greens like kale and spinach tend to get all of the love when it comes to coaching on vegetable consumption, but it’s important we not lose track of their more flamboyant friends.  This is a great article that gives insight as to why those brightly colored fruits and vegetables carry a lot of health benefits not found in leafy greens.

For example, did you know that blackberries help prevent brain and bone degeneration?

ME.  NEITHER.  Some cool stuff in this article.

Fail of the Week: Rowing

I am not a huge nazi when it comes to form on low risk exercises like the Concept2 rower, but this guy would promptly get slapped if he was cranking these out at P360.

You just can’t possibly think this is doing anything for you.

(Side note: I have mentioned it a few times in recent entries, but I am starting to give rowing the love it deserves as a stand alone workout.  At max effort it is one of the more humbling things I’ve done and I’ve started doing dedicated rowing workouts on recovery days.)

How Artificial Lighting and Cortisol Effect Zzz’s: Robb Wolf (HERE)

A great blog for those of you attempting Paleo as Robb’s podcasts are always informative and entertaining.  Aside from penning The Paleo Solution, Wolf is also a big believer in how sleep effects everything from energy to body composition and this is a pretty insightful and convincing reason to go Jack Bauer in your bedroom.

While I am not entirely sure I buy into it, as always he presents a science-based argument that makes you wonder.  At the very least, it is pretty nuts to think what the lighting on your alarm clock can do to your sleep quality.

The Personal Trainer Test: Molly Galbraith (HERE)

I must admit, I got nervous when I first read this article because any time your “know what you’re doing-ness” is introspectively called into question it gives you butterflies.

That said, after reading this I felt pretty confident we could check off most everything at P360 and honestly, that’s my number one source of pride in coaching.  Be flexible.  Improvise.  Adapt. I have heard some serious horror stories of substituted exercises for injured folks and it continues to leave me lacking in confidence with apparently how easy it is to open a gym and/or coach clients.  I try and learn everyday and while we certainly have our flaws as coaches, we take pride in learning something new that we can implement and share with our members once a week.

For those of you training at group gyms or with a personal trainer, read this and put your coach through the test!

If your trainer says, “there is no substitute for that”, run for the hills!

Motivating Pic of the Week

Keep kicking ass, grandpa’!

Reader Feedback

I publish this website to help people (if you haven’t noticed, it’s free) so I highly encourage any and all feedback you guys have on a daily basis.  If you want to know about something, drop me a comment and let me know.  If I don’t know about it first hand I’ll point you in the direction of someone who does.  My goal is for this to be a one-stop shop for training, eating and playing so your feedback is highly encouraged.

Have a great week.


    1. Dude, I don’t know. I think it’s real and I think it’s beyond funny. Props to him for getting on it with no real idea what he is doing. Confidence??

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