Monday Scramble: Heart Disease, Soy & Kenny Powers

Good morning, all.  Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed whatever you did.  We had a bunch of members from P360 run in the San Diego Half Marathon yesterday and was blown away at how well they all did.  We had some pros out for yet another jog, some seasoned runners and some first timers with the highlight of the day as Maria McTighe’s 1:37.  Very impressive stuff by all of the runners and it was fun to go down and see the finish line first hand.

How is everyone feeling about the NCAA Tourney selection?  It was sort of a boring year for selections as I felt everything kind of happened the way it should.  I am a Virginia fan and was just happy they didn’t play themselves out of an at-large bid altogether with how they collapsed in their last seven games.  I will take a 10 seed all day long at this point!

I’ve got a lot to share this week so let’s get right to it.

What Really Causes Heart Disease: Dr. Dwight Lundell (HERE)

If you are going to read one article from today then please make it this article about heart disease by a world renown hear surgeon.  This is a phenomenal article that was sent to me by member Dan Punaro and I loved every word of it.

Simply put, quit blaming animal fats for everything and start understanding that inflammation is what will mess you up.

Fish oil is your friend.

The Dangers of Soy: Food Renegade (HERE)

I get a lot of questions about soy in the gym as a food source and to me, it’s a food that lives in grey area and is all about moderation.  Personally, I never touch the stuff but I know the vegetarians rely on it and seem to get away with it on the surface.

As you all know, I am an unapologetic meat eater so I tend to be a bit bias with my beliefs in the safety of meat but this is an interesting article that focuses strictly on soy and the potential health dangers.

Disturbing Pic of the Week

Courtesy of Girls Gone Strong is this snapshot of three spreads.  The one on the top right is margarine, on the left is the fake butter (ie, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter) and on the bottom right is real butter.  It looks as if even ants can tell that real, whole foods are better than lab foods.

5 Tips to Increase Strength: Tony Gentilcore (HERE)

A great short and sweet post that contains a few basics and some advanced recommendations.  His reads are always great and I really relate to his writing style and coaching philosophy.  I must admit, I was guilty of not following a few easy obvious recommendations of his to support strength such as taking creatine.  Easy, cheap and effective.  I’ve since corrected this with one trip to GNC and twenty bucks.

Olympic Lifting vs. Kettlebells on Leg Strength: Bret Contreras (HERE)

This is more of a lesson on why you should never place too much emphasis on studies in general.  By and large, studies are funded by someone with an agenda where they want to see a certain outcome.  Bias is inherent in most studies so while I always read and consider studies I always do what works for me. 

Diet, training, life, whatever.

Kenny Powers Video of the Week

If you are easily offended by crude language then this is not for you, so don’t blame me if you watch it and don’t like it. I love Kenny Powers and the first minute slayed me.


Have a great Monday.

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