3 Quick Nutrition Tips for People Who Have Lives

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Happy Friday, guys.  I’m going to make this one short and sweet since today is shaping up to be a busy one and I really don’t want to have to stay late tomorrow and cut into my Cinco de Mayo.

Here are three quick tips to healthier eating.

The Dark Yolk Difference

I posted this on Performance360’s Facebook Page last week but in case you missed it this is a pretty cool visual of a tale of two eggs.

On the bottom is an egg from a local brand that I buy at Trader Joe’s.  The darker yolk is the result of a more natural diet.  The birds feed on more insects, worms and less additives.  Simply put they eat closer to how nature intended and the end result is an egg with higher beta carotene, vitamin and mineral count.  You will also notice when purchasing eggs like this that the shell is thicker and when you crack it, it does not shatter into a million pieces like a broken mirror.

The top egg is a mega brand that you find at any supermarket.

You’ll also get a better omega 3:omega 6 ratio with local, pastured eggs since they are typically not eating as much corn, etc.   And that’s good.

Eggs get a lot of guff from traditionalists but in reality they rule.

Here’s science proving the following.

Eggs help you lose weight.

Egg yolks are not bad for your cholesterol.

Egg yolks are nutritious.

Yes, it is true that sometimes the dark yolks can be achieved with dyes and trickery but nine times out of ten you are getting a healthier product.

Sweet Tooth Fix

My wonderful mother, in all that she has done for me in my life, cursed me with a terrible sweet tooth.  I’ve passed out comatose so many times from too much ice cream I can’t even count anymore.  Nothing like waking up with squatters outside 7-11, ice cream all over your shirt and an empty wallet.

That hasn’t happened…yet.  But you get the idea.  I love treats.

I came across this suggestion earlier last year and it’s been a life saver.

Couldn’t be simpler and tastes amazing.

  • Large handful of blackberries
  • 1/4c heavy cream
  • Cinnamon

Blackberries are arguably the best fruit out there as they are high in fiber, low in sugar and pound for pound contain some of the highest antioxidant count you can find.

Heavy cream.  Don’t be so quick to write it off as horrible for you.  Is it high in fat?  Yes.  But it’s not all bad and in an otherwise carbohydrate controlled diet that fat will not be harmful to you in the least.  In short, heavy cream is going to produce a far less insulin spike than dairy which is key to body composition management.

Check out this article from Mark Sisson on heavy cream.  Also, he looks incredible with his shirt off (I said it) and is absurdly healthy for a man his age.

I put heavy cream in my coffee every day.

Aside from adding a sweet taste the cinnamon actually brings a lot to the table health-wise.  It controls insulin levels, has been shown to stunt cancer cells and even inhibit Alzheimer’s.

In your fughin FACE, sugar!

Be Annoying When Ordering…But Not That Annoying

Because I spend an absurd amount of time in my gym I am forced to order take out a lot.  Luckily, I have Olive Cafe right down the street from me otherwise I’d be in big fat trouble.

While I try to make most of my food at home, the reality of the day is that at least one meal is going to be from a restaurant.




That does not have to be a death sentence to your daily goals if you simply make a few changes.

Most any restaurant will switch out items for you, you just have to ask.  That’s not to say that I walk into a restaurant and create a custom order.  In fact, I get anxiety when people I am eating with do that.  I kind of freak out on the inside.

There is nothing worse than when people order a cheeseburger, hold the bread, meat and cheese, sub tofu.  French fries, but hold the french and the frying and instead add bean sprouts that the restaurant doesn’t even have.  I will have a full on panic attack when this happens.

Here’s an example of what Olive Cafe does to make my order fit my goals.

Me: “Hi, can I get an order for pick-up, please?”

Olive Cafe: “Sure, what can I get you?”

Me: “Can I have the Cousin’s Favorite Scramble, but can I sub the potatoes and toast for fruit?”

Olive Cafe: “No problem.  Is this Dave?”

Me: “Yes..hi.”

Takes two seconds and they do it happily.

Four eggs, avocado slices, peppers, onions and a little cheese (gasp) with a side of fruit.  Not too shabby for restaurant take out.

So there you have it.


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