How 3 Days of Sin Can Actually Improve Your Focus

I don’t dislike fun.

Did you guys know that?

And if that comes in the form of a once a year 3-night man trip to Vegas where I get about six hours of sleep the entire time, make questionable decisions and almost liquidate my checking account then hey, it happens.

I work very hard, on most weeks averaging roughly 75 to 90 hours, six days per week.  Monday through Friday, and again on Sunday my focus is on the following.

  • My work.
  • My training.
  • My diet.
  • My rest.
  • My Pawn Stars re-runs.

I know there are people out there who always stake out close gyms on their vacation and make sure they get in a good lift.

I am not one of these people.

I respect it.  But I believe you can take a break for three days and not die.

So when I set sail to last weekend’s bachelor party with my best friends, some of whom I’ve known since I was a little tyke, I get mine.  For three days of digging deep, I get mine.

“We are the eighteen best friends that anyonecouldeverhave.”

Marriage, businesses and the collective end of our 20s may have slowed the frequency, but definitely not the intensity of this group.

While you won’t be getting any details from the trip, I can tell you that while no one accidentally married a stripper, this was a Vegas trip as close to The Hangover as you will find.  I can also tell you that I did not think about diet, training, money or the gym aside my buddies asking about its progress for one second the entire time.

Complete mental derailment break from the grind is what I sought, and what I found.

While I knew it would make me feel like I wanted to curl up inside of a lit fireplace in the short term afterwards, I knew it would also kick start my training and diet in which I had greatly stalled.  I knew I would come back and feel a huge desire to get heavily back into the grind of training and re-focus on a mostly Paleo approach to eating.

I was right.

It also made me realize that this would make a decent entry to help folks get back into the swing of things, and my guess is, being Memorial Day weekend and all that things might have just gotten away form you a little bit over the last few days.

I get one question all of the time that is both amazing in its simplicity yet complicated in its answer.

“How do I go to the gym?”

While part of me wants to say, “um, you drive there and walk in and start lifting things”, I understand that it can be tough to get yourself psyched up to either start training hard again after a layoff, start a program for the first time or just plain commit to the gym for the first time in your life.

Here are a couple things I recommend for going from 0 to 60 in no time flat.

Write Down Your Goals

It’s amazing what putting pen to paper can do to create focus.  The first day I got back at 11 am and did not leave my room until the following day at 10 am.  When I did leave my room, I eventually showered, pulled myself together, ate a meal that wasn’t $39 and made the following short list.

  • 200 members
  • 425# deadlift (keeping body weight 175# or lower)

That’s it.

I wanted to keep it short and simple and prioritize two areas of focus.  One for the business and one for my personal development, and even though I felt like Nikki Sixx while doing so it helped motivate me to want to kick things up a big notch after the long weekend.

That little act of focus goes a very long way into getting your mind right heading into a new week.  There is no goal too big or small to write down.

Put it On Display

There is no point in writing something down if it’s just going to sit in a drawer or on a wall that you’ll never see.  I chose my notebook because I open it up at least ten to twelve times per day so I know I’ll see it.  Maybe I’ll come across it during a stressful day and that small reminder will spur me enough to get a 20 minute squat workout accomplished.

If just that happens, it’s worth it.

One of the best places I’ve ever posted goals is on the air conditioner in my car.  Take a post it note covered with your goals and slap it on there.  If that’s too hardcore then bathroom mirrors, refrigerators and alarm clocks work just fine.

Immediately Go Shopping

You know how they tell you never to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach?  The theory is that you will buy way more than you need.  Because you’re in a state of hunger, everything looks good and you start tossing things into your cart at Chumlee rate (I am watching Pawn Stars as I type this and needless to say, creativity is running a little low in the current state of my brain.  I’ll take what I can get.)

Well, I like to take advantage of this theory after weekends like I just had.  I like to go to the store when in the worst possible state because all of the healthy food looks so cleansing.  With my body feeling achy and in a state of complete moral hangover, next thing I know I go home with $80 worth of fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, protein and things to motivate the 180 u-turn I need after a Vegas weekend filled with horrible buffets and late night burgers.

Now, I’ll have a ton of healthy food to get my focus back and ensure I don’t let a single weekend set me off for weeks.  If you don’t do things in the ‘now’ then an excuse will keep arising and a shitty diet for continue for far longer than it needs to.

Those are my go-to three events.  I don’t try to tell myself I am going to an Eastern Meditation Cleanse Hydrotherapy Hypnosis Cayenne Pepper and Syrup Guru.  There is nothing mind blowing.  Remind yourself of goals, put them in a place you’ll at least see it temporarily and over purchase healthy food.  Simple stuff, folks.

You can get derailed by anything.  Heavy work travel, unexpected family issues or like me, a tough weekend on the body with your boys in Vegas.  The real reality is that the grind of the gym business had worn me down over the last few weeks and I needed this break knowing I would come back a better owner and business partner than when I left.

Yes.  Improved.  From partying.

Sometimes you just gotta’ unwind, friends.

You can either let tough weekends, work or whatever unexpected things life brings to the table  side track you for weeks or you can buckle up and use it as motivation and a time to immediately re-focus.

If you play your cards right you just might come away improved after such things.

Oh, and if you’re more in the “get derailed by Vegas” bucket then also…buy some Zantac.

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