50 Rants, Raves & Thoughts

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I had this entire post written on Wednesday afternoon and this intro is a late addition as I was recently fortunate enough to be featured in Tony Gentilcore’s ‘Stuff to Read While You Are Pretending to Work’.

You may have seen me react like a school girl since aside from opening Performance360, it my most personally satisfying accomplishment to date.  Guys like Tony, Eric Cressey and a few others have been an enormous inspiration to me when I first got into training people because they were young guys changing the game and making a name for themselves.  I’ve seen their popularity grow over the years into two of the most published and informative fitness blogs in the country (featured in Men’s Health, T-Nation and LiveStrong) and when I first started my own website one of the goals I wrote on paper was:

-Write something good enough to be featured in ‘Stuff to Read While You Are Pretending to Work’.

When people like Nia Shanks and Tony Gentilcore are sharing your writing because they genuinely liked it, it’s a very rewarding feeling that we’re doing something right at Performance360.

Check it out here.

Back patting over.  Now back to the nonsense.

I give myself one hour to write down as much nonsense as possible and let my brain come up with anything and everything it is thinking.

As always, some are fitness.  Some are nutrition.  Some your employers will bill you for reading on their watch.

Here’s to Friday….

1) I have confidently decided that folding laundry and unloading dishes are my two least favorite grown-up activities.  I’ve been known to re-wash clothes because they sit in the hamper for too long after wash.

2) “Fats as the main contributor to weight gain is a popular delusion among dieters.  This misconception leads to massive confusion and explains why so many overweight people are not succeeding in losing weight.  I am sure that many people would be shocked to find out that we may gain weight from eating, say, cheese, not only because it is rich in fat, but mostly due to high acidic level.  In response to high pH acid, the body creates fat cells to store the acid.  For example, almonds have 70% fat and pork has only 58%.  However, pork has an acid value of -38 while almonds are alkaline forming, +3.” (Green for Life)

This is why I read outside of what I believe in.  This is basically from a pro-vegetarian book that I read and subsequently learned about acid value and fat storage.  Interesting.  Just may table pork and cheese for a bit and see if anything happens

3) If you take Arnold’s poor life choices away I believe there are few better role models for achieving success.  He had three main goals in life in order.

#1: Become Mr. Universe.  Done.
#2: Move to a America and become a movie star.  Done.  Became the biggest.
#3: Get into American politics.  Done.  Become Governor of the sixth largest Earth economy.

Those aren’t exactly the most modest of goals to set for yourself.

4) Personal evidence that concurrent “cardio” will not grossly interfere with strength.  Ran a total of a mile broken down into 400m intervals mixed into a circuit workout last week and then PR’d my jerk at 240# after the workout.

(I am aware that this split is disgraceful.)

I despise cardio and have gone “jogging” maybe six times this year, but some sprints or even fast jogs in the workout ain’t gonna turn you into Shaggy from Scooby Doo.   I’ve tried heavier weight before and have found no difference in straight, slow sets and in a circuit format.  Personally, I feel I am more “warmed-up” for a big attempt but to each their own. 

5) Empirical research, actually doing it > Textbook research, reading it.  You are the scientist.  The gym is your laboratory and your diet and workouts are the variables…get researching.

6) If every insurance is cheaper than the other, how is not free by now?  Also, eSurance adds are making me dislike John Krasinski.

7) Same goes for travel websites.

8) How many times can one group of animals go to freaking Madagascar?

9) The funniest Google search terms people have used this year to get to DTP.com:

-Mel Gibson Crazy
-Bear Lifting Weights
-Kate Mara See Through Shirt (I swear this wasn’t me)
-Tim Lincecum’s Teeth
-Soda Popinski (awesome)
-Tickets to the Gun Show
-Naked Squats
-Axl Rose American Flag Pants (I actually searched this when putting the picture in my blog that turned up these results)
-Yo Dude
-Tragic Forklift Accident

10) I really wish Gmail, WordPress and Microsoft Word would just learn the word ‘deadlift’ already.  I am real sick of that squiggly red line.

11) YOLO.  I can’t see it in print without saying it in my head as a 19 year-old sorority girl before she takes a shot and pukes everywhere.  “YOOOOOLOOOOOOO, betchesssszz!!””….bllleerrrrrrgghh.  Suffice it say I am not a fan of the saying.

12)  I wish the motivational fitness posters people post on Facebook would be less like this corny crap and more like this.  To the point!  What does ‘making yourself epic’ even mean?  You’re going to turn into a three part trilogy?  Sick.

13) I can’t wait any longer, Crystal McReynolds.  I’m moving on.  To Christmas Abbott.   Hi.  No.  Not you.  You….hi.

both from VA, both like weight lifting, both have tattoos…just saying.

14) DTP.com has been read in 71 countries, most respectably Macao and Malta.  Have absolutely no clue where Macao is located?  Carribean?  Middle East?  South Pacific?  New Mexico?

15) As of 2006, Americans obtained 18.6% of total diet from refined sugar.  152 pounds of it per year.  Next time you are in the gym put that on a barbell and see what it feels like and you’ll know why we’re so diabetic and sick as a nation.

16) Shows that need to be cancelled yesterday: Keeping up with the Kardashians, Basketball Wives, Desperate Housewives of Any County, Shahs of Sunset.

17) Keanu Reeves gets a cake for his birthday every year, goes to a local coffee shop and eats it with anyone who cares to join him.  He also has manners like a real man.  I am an unapologetic Keanu Reeves fan.

18) AMC is the best station on television and Walking Dead is the best show going.  I’d vote for Rick Grimes if he entered the primaries and probably Walt White as his running mate.

19) Using salt and pepper from a grinder bottle makes me feel like an Iron Chef.

20) As gym owners, here are some running-the-gym related exercises we have proven very effective: chalkboard writers (forearms)

  • floor sweeping (posterior chain, grip, lats, core)
  • plyo box stacking (core)
  • ab mat rollers (forearms)
  • ring adjusters (forearms)
  • horse mat movers (forearms, legs, total body)

21) Confession: On very rare occasion I’ve not gone heavier on a lift simply because I didn’t want to walk an extra 90 pounds across the gym to re-stack the plates.

22) Fake wholesome trainers annoy me when they post about ALWAYS eating healthy.  No one eats completely perfect, nor should they save for a genetic or medical condition.  If you do, that’s great.  I applaud and respect you.  Just don’t make the rest of us feel like Corey Feldman every time we glance in the treats section.

23) Harrison Ford flies rescue helicopters in his spare time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  That is all.

24) Another reason I buy into Paleo eating is its disdain for sugar.  Sugar, aside from seasonal and rare honey, did not exist in the Paleolithic Era.  It was first manufactured in 500 BC (1).  In my humble opinion, it’s the biggest sell to me on why sugar is wack.  Scientific fact we did not evolve on it.

25) A yam and sweet potato are two completely different things?!

Mind.  Blown.

26) Blogs I think you should follow:  Eric Cressey, Ben Bruno, Nia Shanks, Tony Gentilcore, John Romaniello, Robb Wolf.  See my ‘resources’ tab for direct links.  Also, my friend and P360 member Kristi Lyn Miller writes a pretty cool first person blog on her training goals and I enjoy it.

27) My two brothers are completely killing it this summer, losing a collective 42 pounds!

Jess down 25 pounds.
Drew Before
Drew After – down 17 pounds.

28) I’ve done the math and so far in 2012, the state of Nevada has 15% of my income.  I wish this was not true.  I blame my friends for getting married.

29) People need to understand that if someone says their protocol works, it’s not an indictment against everything else out there.  Guess what?  MULTIPLE TRAINING METHODS CAN WORK.

30) Pretty cool link that will restore your faith in humanity.  I’m not very sappy and left is not where I lean, but some pretty cool images.

31) Been drinking this shake recently and absolutely love it.  Great snack that keeps you both on strength and fat loss target.  You can easily turn it into a gainer as well by upping the scoops and using whole milk.

32) Anyone had any good recommendations on a pre-workout supplement?  I’ve tried beta-alanine, branch chains and a few others and I’ve never been into it aside from good ole fashioned creatine on strength days, but wondering if I am missing out on something that can help boost me.  Progenex is obviously a big one in the CrossFit/HITT community.  Please comment below if you have something tried and true.

33) Just a little anecdote on why recovery is crucial for strength gains.  On Monday of this week I did heavy squats, four sets of five.  On Tuesday, I was handicapped.  Literally crippled.  I knew I should have rested.  Everything in my body screamed don’t train.  I did.  My jerk sets were down 25%.  My central nervous system was fried, neuromuscular efficiency was nonexistent and I was forced to muscle everything up.  I don’t have big muscles.  It did not go well.  Listen to your body when it’s screaming something in your face.

34) I’m definitely a believer that a broad jump and standing box jump are among the most accurate predictors of overall athleticism.

35) Speaking of athletes, a quick update on our P360 guys.

-Beck Wheeler, New York Mets: recently promoted to High-A and sporting a career minor league ERA of 0.70
-Sean Nicol, Washingon Nationals: recently promoted to Double-A
-Jesse Moore, Univ. of Hawaii: finished with second best ERA on pitching staff
-JL Guinchard, Univ. of Cal Berkeley: finished his freshmen crew season in the Pac-10
-Christian Guinchard, Bishop’s Lacrosse: finished as top-5 rated player in state of Califorina.  Headed to Dartmouth in ’13
-Trent Lauer, Bishop’s Lacrosse: helped team to San Diego County Runners Up.  Headed to Farfield this Fall.
-RJ Shanks, Palomar College Baseball: Committed to Cal Poly Pomona to pitch.
-Jason Weber & Robbie Davis, San Diego Enforcers Football: playing in their league national championship

Common denominator across all sports?  They can all either broad jump nine feet and/or box jump fifty inches.

36) I Hated the Avengers.  There.  I said it.

37)  Me: “Pritz, say something random.  First thing that pops into your head.”

Pritz: “Fortune cookies”.

My business partner is apparently like this kid.

38)  Wu-Tang Clan real life names.

  • GZA = Gary Grice
  • RZA = Robert Fitzgerald Diggs
  • Method Man = Clifford Smith
  • Masta Killa = Elgin Turner
  • Ghostface Killah = Dennis Coles

39) I don’t think I have ever spelled the word privilege right on the first attempt.  <– This one took me five.

40) I like Mean Girls.  There.  I do.

41) Things I would rather do than enter a Port-O-Potty: summersault through a room of thumbtacks, get a hair cut from Edward Scissorhands, box jump onto glass plyobox, take an ice bath then talk to Kate Upton in a speedo.

42) Look me in the eye and tell me chocolate milk is not incredible.

43) I believe Olympic lifting and compound movement barbell strength training to be the best of the best.  Jerks, presses, cleans, squats, deadlifts, rows.  I would do them every single day if that kind of succession would not leech my returns. That said, in looking at pure math those types of exercises make up 30% of the average weekly training volume at our gym.  There is a place for bodyweight, kettlebell and plyometric training.  Pull-ups, push-ups, jumping, swings.  They work, too.

44) This is how I react when an olive sneak attacks its way into a salad, pizza or other meal.

45) A good indicator if you’ve achieved proper range of motion on squats is where the majority of your 48-hour soreness occurs.  If it’s in the quads you most likely did not go down far enough.  If it’s in your hamstrings, glutes and sneaking around to your groin, you killed it.

46) Speaking of 48 hour soreness.  it’s called DOMS which stands for delayed onset muscle soreness.  You are not dying, it’s a perfectly normal occurrence and just means you pushed it hard.

47) I’m not a huge fan of using the PVC pipe for barbell instruction.  I feel it either throws off the timing (clean) or encourages incorrect range of motion (deadlift).  I prefer 35# barbells, but that’s just me.  Different coaches are effective with different devices.

48) Range of Motion > Load > Speed.  That’s the order of importance in a circuit workout.  At least it should be.  You don’t need to fly around the gym like a madman when using weights in a circuit.  Fat loss will happen so don’t sell your gains short on the load.

49) Just when I think I couldn’t be more jealous of hate Channing Tatum anymore.

50) Just to give you guys an idea of how thankful I am when you share my stuff on Twitter & Facebook: 87% of DTP.com traffic has occurred through social media. Readership has increased 100% in the last two months and DTP.com is getting picked up in publications like Tony Gentilcore’s which have thousands of readers.  Please keep it up and so long as people are reading, I’ll keep writing.

Thanks for reading, learning something and sharing and let’s get some comments going below.

As always, if you liked it, please share it.  Click any of the social media buttons below or post in your own way.  Just get the damn word out, k?

(1) Paleo for Athletes.  Loren Cordain.


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