False Idols

False Idols


Written by Dave Thomas
Owner, Performance360

“Why is being confident considered arrogant? Why is self degradation humble? I’ve worked my ass off in order to have a high opinion of myself. It took many years and I am never going to let anyone tell me I should think less of myself.”

This was Ronda Rousey’s answer when asked her about her perceived arrogance.

I am an enormous fan of her. A throwback to when training meant something to people that was more than skin deep.

There’s an overwhelming amount of bullshit that’s spewed out of people’s mouths in the fitness industry. It’s a world where narcissism now trumps knowledge. Ab pictures. Lots of folks who have never placed another human under a barbell, yet present themselves as exactly that. Dolling out daily bits of wisdom that have barely made it out of their own beta testing. Slangin’ their body as a distraction from their shit brains. Snake oil to sell. Sponsorships to uphold. “Followers” over clients. Quantity over quality.

All that’s missing is that actual substance. The emotion.

I believe there to be a massive void in the emotional value of physical fitness. It’s not taught. It’s not encouraged. It’s not supported.

It’s simply, “What have you done for me lately, body?”

Where’s the romance? Where’s the appreciation of the journey?

The first thing we always ask people is, “What are your goals?” Never is it followed up with, “Why are they your goals?” We go straight to the end game every time and it breeds a culture of results rather than progress. “We guarantee results or your money back”.

I’d like to replace that with, “We guarantee you’ll work your fucking ass off and be extremely impressed with your capabilities”.

Most folks are too concerned with how they are viewed by others and not concerned enough with how they view themselves. The myriad of psychological benefits we receive from our training every single day are often smothered by the overwhelming desire to imitate someone else.

Only when you find your why are you able to mute that outside noise and appreciate the beauty in challenging yourself.

When you live upon measuring your success against others it’s because you have no why. You’re a Ronin. A wandering soldier with no cause. You let comparative thoughts invade and fulfillment of a negative self image.

“I wish I was as strong as he was” = I’m not strong.

“I wish I had her butt” = I don’t like my body.

We love to hate ourselves and there is a very fine line between using our idols for motivation or degradation.

Every time these thoughts travel through you they downgrade what you have achieved, the multitude of athletic skills and betterment you’ve achieved for yourself.

Validate yourself through effort, not outcome.

Be proud that you dive into stormy seas over clear shallows. It is the choppy, ice waters that build character. Those are the conditions that demand all who enter to work or be discarded. It is the ability to exist in these waters and work in excess of your comforts that determine your success.

We should all strive to present our very best physical appearance to the world, but never at the degradation of our own hard fought efforts.

Do you train because you want to the best version of yourself? Or do you train because you want to be someone else?

I’d rather soon close our business than sell it upon the notion that a fucking 6-pack is the barometer for success.

Effort is king. Not outcome.

Seek self respect. Not approval.

Train to fulfill your soul and be your own idol. When you do this, your results will explode.

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