What’s For Everyone?

Dave Thomas San Diego Performance360Written by Dave Thomas
Owner, Performance360

I am always amazed at the amount of fitness and nutrition professionals who so aggressively and assertively present their methodoly opinions as if they are concrete, indisputable fact.

And in return, how those who disagree do so with the exact same confidence and added vitriol.

People are positive that this way is proven. That this nutrition protocol is the science-based, bulletproof one, and if you don’t think so, then fuck you right in the face.

You have to be very careful with what you put your name behind. I am a very opinionated person, but even so I try very hard to make it known that it’s just that, opinion and I have done my best to stay away from absolutes over the course of my writing years.

As purveyors of fitness and nutrition, it does us much good to have a little pliability in our input lens, and a lot of perspective on our knowledge. I don’t know nearly as much as I would like to know, but one thing I’m inching closer towards believing as truth is that there are no universals.

When we first opened, I was very green and thought that results were very black and white. You do this input, you get this output. Across all sample sizes.

That’s simply untrue.

Everyone’s body will react differently to different stimulus. Some can handle a very high carbohydrate diet, others will get fat. Some can handle squats twice a week, others will break down. Some can handle marathon training, others will injure. Some can deadlift with total ease, others not without back pain. Some people are healthy, others are not.


While we are are only year six of running our gym, I don’t know that I could name you one thing that I can confidently say is for everyone or works for every goal without potential drawback.

There’s either a lot of people who are blowing smoke, or I am fitness pro’ing wrong. Here would be my best attempt at universally productive things.

Prepare to be bored.

Adequate Protein

Regardless of the diet one is on whether it’s Paleo, macro-based or vegan, protein the most essential macronutrient of the diet when it comes to physical fitness. We need it to repair and rebuild muscle, the most calorically hungry soft tissue in our body. It’s critical to change and keep composition. How much protein is needed is largely debated, but getting one gram per pound of body weight seems to work for most, and it is the most important thing you can do to maintain your lean body mass, and in turn, your metabolism.


Yes, but probably not in the traditional sense that I have written about, and that you might likely be thinking. Ideally, we are all healthy and able to strength train with barbells and in the consistent rage of 75% or higher. But alas, that is not always the case. However, I firmly believe that ALL of us are perfectly able to train to get stronger in some capacity, and that strength will improve our quality of life.

For some, it’s a 600# deadlift goal. For others, it’s being able to get up out of bed on their own.

Stronger always works.


I’m not going to get into which type of conditioning program is best, but I do firmly believe humans needs both strength and conditioning if the goal is to be as capable as possible. Again, this comes in many forms for all shapes and sizes. For high end athletes, it’s more anaerobic work. For everyday folks, consistent mixed modal aerobic conditioning is some of the best medicine out there.

Don’t be the person that only trains strength or conditioning.




That’s it. This was probably about as much fun as reading the back of the shampoo bottle. I almost didn’t hit the publish button on this one, but sometimes some perspective on what’s really at the heart of our productivity can be beneficial when you strip away all of the layers.

Once we establish those layers, we then find what works best for each of us individually when we begin to add on top of them.

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