The Law of 10%

The Law of 10% Dave Thomas Performance

Dave Thomas San Diego Performance360Written by Dave Thomas
Owner, Performance360

I was getting some acupuncture done last week when my therapist said something to me that really resonated.

He was encouraging me to perform this one simple stretch a few times per week and his exact words were, “This isn’t going to instantly fix you, but if you add up the little ten percents like this, sooner or later you get 100%”.

Wow. What a simple, yet incredibly true statement that translates very well into the gym, business, and life.

Too often we focus on the end game and want to Mario warp to the last level. We always want to go from zero to 100% by focusing on one particular area.

Whether it’s losing ten pounds, creating happy relationships, hitting a deadlift PR, finishing a half marathon or starting a business, the key to creating success is by slowly stacking up your ten percents.

I am a big proponent in working backwards on goals. Finding your target and backing that out to establish the small steps it will take to hit that.

But is that real? Is that how it really goes?

Could it be that working forwards with little small steps and not paying any attention to the end game has its benefits, too?

Yes, I think so.

In fact, when I analyze that from a business perspective that’s exactly how Performance360 was, is and will likely always be built. We never set any final destination, we just said let’s add ten new members per month and lose less than that through good service, and the real heroes are the ten percents that exist behind the scenes.

One day you wake up and say, “Shit, this is actually going somewhere.”

Had we been too focused on a lofty goal, I am certain we would have not excelled in the dirty, unsung details.

Same can be said for our strength gains, fat loss and relationships.

Look around you and find out what your ten percents are. The very little things that are boring and seemingly not as productive as the glamorous activities.

I’m willing to be bet that’s exactly where your getting to the next level lies.

Removing one extra bad meal per day. Providing amazing service to one extra person. Stretch for five more minutes. Go out of your way one time for a friend or loved one.

My guess is there are lots of little unsung activities that you can think of that you can do better.

Slowly add up the ten percents and ultimately, you’ll get damn close to 100%.

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