6 Tips to Keep Trending Upward – Part I

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The most fun part of your training is your first six months, in my opinion.  Plateaus are non-existent, every time you pick up the bar you feel like Hulk, body fat plummets and you’re sprinting towards a 400 pound deadlift while snapping at babes in bars to come sit next to you.  It’s like the honeymoon phase of a relationship when you’re convinced that she is absolutely perfect.

Then a funny thing happens.

She’s not.

You stop getting away with everything.  She starts nagging a little bit, taking away a few of your guys nights and admitting she actually hates watching Sunday Ticket.

Your body will most certainly adapt and plateau after the honeymoon phase of a training program.  When that happens, don’t freak out.  It’s just the newer, stronger version of yourself telling you it’s ready for more because same-old, same-old is no longer getting it done.

Some of these tips will get you stronger in big lifts, others a bit stronger in stabilizing and performance muscles.  By incorporating these into your training you’ll ensure you are always stronger, healthier and closer to the goal of being a full-on ninja.

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